What does pcn stand for on insurance card

all insured

What is a BIN and PCN?

What are BIN and PCN numbers? All pharmacies use BIN and PCN numbers for processing prescription drug claims. The BIN number tells the computer database at the pharmacy which health insurance provider is to receive the claim for the prescription. The PCN number is a second identifier that is used for routing claims.

How do I read my insurance card?

How to read your insurance card

  1. Identify your information. Every health insurance card should have the patient’s name on it. …
  2. Policy number. All health insurance cards should have a policy number. …
  3. Group plan number. …
  4. Insurance company contact information. …
  5. Coverage amounts, in and out of network, and co-pays. …
  6. Prescription coverage. …
  7. Questions?

What is insurance card suffix?

The group number is created when a company first signs up for insurance. … This unique number allows health care providers and pharmacies verify your coverage. C) Your Dependent’s ID Number will generally be the same ID number as the primary subscriber with a suffix at the end to differentiate between dependents.

What is RX member ID number?

We use two identification numbers to verify your benefits: a member number and a group number. In most cases, your group number precedes your member number on your prescription benefit card. Member numbers are often made up of all numeric digits and are usually nine to 10 characters long.

What does Rx Bin stand for?

bank identification number

Whats is PCN?

The Primary Care Network (PCN) is a health plan offered by the Utah Department of Health. It covers services administered by a primary care provider.

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What is the policy number on your health insurance card?

number (or policy number) on the insurance card indicates the coverage your plan provides. If you’re the policyholder, the last two digits in your number might be 00, while dependents might have numbers ending in 01, 02, etc. An insurance group number, if you have an employer-based plan.

What is insurance group name?

This name should be the full legal first name rather than a personal preference, nickname, or initial. Group Name:Enter the name of the insurance group or plan defined for the patient’s account. Please refer to the insurance card for this information. Answers for this field can include letters, numbers, and spaces.

How long is a policy number?

9-13 digits

What does BCE mean on my insurance card?

Blue Choice Preferred PPO

Is Subscriber ID same as member ID?

Where is the subscriber number on an insurance card? The subscriber number goes by several different names. It’s often called the member number or the patient ID. This information is specific to the one covered under the policy.

What is a subscriber suffix?

At A Glance

Definition: Suffix of the insured individual or subscriber to the coverage.

What is a group ID number?

Group Number

Each employer that purchases a health plan for its employees also has a number. This group number identifies the specific benefits associated you your employer’s plan. Healthcare providers use the group number plus your member ID number to file claims for your care.

How do I find my Express Scripts member ID?

Where can I find my Express Scripts member number? You can find your Express Scripts member number on the front of your Express Scripts member ID card. If you have one ID card for both your medical and prescription medicine benefits, you can typically find your Express Scripts member number on the front of this card.

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