How much is vsp insurance

all insured

How much do glasses cost with VSP insurance?

VSP Standard OptionSave with VSP CoverageWithout VSP CoverageWith VSP Standard OptionEye Exam$181$10 CopayFrame ($160 allowance*)$160$20 CopaySingle Vision Lenses$98Anti-glare Coating$144$85

Can I purchase VSP insurance?

With VSP, you get choice. You can pick the plan that’s right for you and choose your payment schedule. Plus, you can visit any VSP network doctor you like, whether it’s close to home, work, or school.

What does my VSP insurance cover?

Your vision plan should cover an annual comprehensive eye exam, frames or contacts, and lens enhancements. … Some plans may highlight low rates, but provide an overall low frame allowance, or don’t provide a lot of savings on lens enhancements (where costs can really add up).

Is VSP a good eye insurance?

As the largest vision insurance provider in the country, there’s a lot that VSP does right. Its affordable insurance plans are available for as low as $13 per month and there are policies available no matter where you live. Copays are also exceptionally affordable at just $15 per office visit.

Who takes VSP insurance for glasses?

With over 36,000 providers, VSP has the largest independent eye care provider network in the United States. Doctors located at (some) private practices, Visionworks, Pearle Vision, Accuvision, Walmart, Costco, Rosin Eyecar, MyEyeDr, and EyeCare Centers are typically in-network with VSP.

How often can I get glasses with VSP?

How often can I see the eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam? If you have the VSP Individual Vision Plan, you’re covered for a comprehensive eye exam and a new pair of glasses every 12 months.

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Where can I use VSP insurance?

As a VSP member, you can use your benefits towards eyewear and contacts on To find out whether your employer participates in Eyeconic, log into to check your vision benefits under the Benefits with VSP Network Providers section.

Is there a waiting period for VSP insurance?

Some plans have waiting periods ranging anywhere from 30 days to 36 months. During the waiting period, you will receive reduced benefits or no benefits. The purpose of the waiting period is to prevent people from waiting until they have an expensive problem to sign up for vision care insurance.

Is VSP or EyeMed better?

20% off non-covered complete prescription glasses. 20-25% off non-covered lens options such as UV coating & polycarbonate lenses. 15% average off retail for LASIK or PRK laser eye correction, or 5% off promotional price, through a VSP provider.

Eyemed vs VSP: What’s the difference?EyeMed AccessVSP® Vision Care$10.67/mo$16.34/mo

Can I use VSP insurance at Walmart?

You can use the plan at any Walmart Vision Center, Sam’s Club Optical, or Vision Service Plan (VSP) network provider nationwide.

How do you use VSP benefits?

How to Use Your Vision Insurance Benefits in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Step 1: Find a VSP Network Doctor. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to start using your VSP benefits within five days. …
  2. Step 2: Complete Your Eye Exam. …
  3. Step 3: Use Your Eye Insurance Benefits to Purchase Vision Care Items. …
  4. Step 4: Get an Eye Exam Annually.

Are sunglasses covered by VSP?

Sunglasses. Members who’ve had laser surgery can use frame benefits for non-prescription sunglasses through their VSP network doctor or by visiting

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Is it worth getting vision insurance?

If routine exams are all you need, the cost of insurance might not be worth it. Take a look at the cost for one year of vision insurance compared with the cost of an eye exam. … If you do need corrective lenses in addition to preventive care, you’re probably better off with the insurance.

Does Lenscrafters accept VSP?

While we are not a participating provider on VSP®’s network, we will take care of submitting your out-of-networks claims documentation directly to VSP® when you visit our stores. Whether your insurance is in or out of network, we can check your plan to see what savings you are eligible for and process your benefits.

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